S.W.A.R.M. Search and Rescue Drones

SWARM is a global network consisting of experienced all-volunteer Multi-Rotor (drone/UAS) and fixed wing FPV pilots who donate their time, expertise and services at no cost to families for aerial Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, whether requested by a family member, private party or public agency. SWARM is a 100% all volunteer SAR organization with over 7500 member pilots in all 50 states and 42 countries around the world. Our members are dedicated to searching for missing persons. With origins dating back to 2013, SWARM is the largest all volunteer Search And Rescue organization in the world and headquartered in the USA.

While anyone 18 or older can join SWARM, pilot UAS members must have a current FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certification and/or FAA Section 333 COA (Certificate of Waiver or Authorization) in order to participate on any SWARM mission. Non-Pilot SWARM members can participate as ground support/search, pilot spotter and post mission analysis. All Members must abide by SWARM S.O.P., FAA rules and regulations as well as rules and guidelines set by local jurisdictions and Incident Command Systems. Members may not participate in any SWARM or SAR mission representing SWARM without prior authorization from a SWARM officer/admin. Pilots must meet minimum experience and FPV gear requirements and be willing to utilize those resources when dispatched or requested to assist on an active SAR operation. All participating SWARM members are required to VOLUNTEER their time, aircraft, travel and efforts at NO expense to SWARM or any family member of missing person/s.


As an additional outreach of the SWARM Network,  SWARM CRITTERS is a resource for finding missing animals and family pets. While the SWARM primary mission objective is to locate missing people, Our global network of volunteers may occasionally assist on a SWARMCritters related SAR. These missions are treated as training exercises. 

If you would like to request help or aid for a missing Critter, please visit our SWARMCritters forum on Facebook. 


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